About Fit 4 You Retreat™
Fit 4 You Retreat™ is a truly unforgettable experience. This adult camp provides a scenic getaway that targets physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Activities are interspersed with seminars throughout the day as professionals share the principles of nutrition, vegetarian cuisine, physical fitness, time management, and spiritual wellness. Fitness Camp assists campers in the prevention and, in some cases, reversal of the effects of Type II Diabetes and Hypertension. Through a focus on all aspects of health, this program creates fitness for life.

Our Mission
The mission of FIT 4 YOU Retreat™ is to make visible, the life-changing rewards of good health by combining this natural setting with a menu of fitness activities, health education and inspiration taught by our team of expert physicians, licensed dieticians, exercise physiologist, fitness trainers massage therapists and healthy-living chefs.


Fit 4 You Retreat

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Sitting too long could lead to early death.

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Juanita Jones

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Optimizing Your Brain Through Exercise

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Fatal Fungus

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FIT 4 YOU Retreat™ 2018
July 8 - July 22, 2018

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Jan 2015: Environmental Health
The environment is all around us, affecting our lives every moment. The media are replete with examples of how changes in the environment expose use to health risks.


Hello, Penny!


This is incredible...I went online today to see if I had an address for you, and voila! here is an email from you!


The reason I was going to email you (the camp) is that on my last day, we had a Freedom Walk, wherein we wrote on a piece of paper that thing which we vowed to break or leave behind.  "Pain" was the first thing on my paper. (I'd written two things, although we were encouraged to write only one.)

I was home for several days before I realized that I had not been feeling the extreme pain in my right shoulder that had so recently become a part of my life.  Diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, it was the most severe pain I have ever felt in my shoulder. Its absence almost shocked me; I'd become used to hurting, and kept feeling around for "that old familiar feeling" that started and ended each and every day.


Then I remembered the Freedom Walk and was so thankful for the idea of breaking chains.  I am thankful for the faith displayed by all who went on the Freedom Walk and I wonder how many other chains were broken at that time.


This was in July, and I am seriously negligent for not mentioning this miracle sooner.  Every day I would say to myself, "I gotta let them know; I gotta tell somebody." Today was going to be that day. I'm not usually online and do not check email on a regular basis; imagine my surprise when I specifically logged on, about to check some old emails to see if I still had your address (yes, of course) and there was this from you.  What a mighty God we serve!


I had been experiencing extreme pain in my right shoulder for years, and now, thankfully, it is no more!  Oh, I've felt twinges every now and again, as though the pain was attempting to make a return.  But, not so!  I am still relatively for the most part, pain free!


Just had to share that with you.


Hope you and your family are fine, healthy and happy and blessed.


Thank you for everything. Thank you for the opportunity to have been there. God's blessings upon you, family and staff.  Please tell Leah and Margie for me. 


So long!


Nzinga Lee


Good Morning Everybody,


Today is another beautiful day.   I am still pressing forward to a healthy lifestyle change.

May everyone have a great and blessed day!




Good Morning Lois,


Your encouraging messages are so uplifting!

My most miraculous praise report is the fact that I am still a vegetarian after 90 days! 

It may seem small to someone else, but for me it is a victory that only came from God.





It’s been a huge month and a half for me; staying on track with the camp’s fitness and eating programs.  I became Dr. Theodore Watkin’s (one of our presenters at camp) patient on 11 August 2015 also to rid my body of the auto-immune disorders, toxins, and I had been experiencing….severe sinus infections and pain in my knees.  I began a 14-day Detox and Herbal Cleanse (Liquid Fast) on 15 August AND stayed true to this program until 3 September to include 5-days of breaking the fast. The 19 days included walking and strength exercises too; I did the interval training as I walked (70 push-ups at a bridge, squats and knee raises…also added the three-walking speed levels (that Val taught us one morning) to my walk too….wow what a difference it makes…I’m now walking a 12-12.5 minute mile!) along with the before and after stretching.  On 11 August (Day 23) I had lost more weight since camp..3 lbs.  I felt so discouraged because I had hoped for more weight loss by sticking to the camp’s regimen.  But little did I know that TIME and CONSISTENCY would bear me the fruit of my labor soon. Today (9/11),  I weighed in with Dr. Watkins to find I had lost another 13 lbs.  In total I’ve lost 22 lbs. since Day 1 of Fit4U Camp.  I am so proud of myself…. happy too, to fight against the terrorists of my mind.  Food choices, exercises, water, and consistency makes my 9/11 a huge win!! 

Lois Jennings